Getting on the initial page of multiple Google searches isn’t a function of the amount of money spent on online marketing or how big your business is. It’s a function of intelligent, all-inclusive and how long term your Search Engine Optimization strategy is. Therefore whether you are a small business having a staff of one or a small to medium enterprise-sized firm having a staff of one thousand,we’ve got the answers to assist your employees get the knowledge they should achieve with  your advertising attempts. We offers SEO training in Montreal for large and small businesses.
Our Search Engine Optimization expert who works with corporations can deliver training at your workplace. We recognize that sometimes, it is not practical or efficient to send your employees to training that is offsite. We will come to your local if you’re searching for customized or onsite Search Engine Optimization training programs in Montreal . We’ll work together with you to assemble a program that will optimize the efficiency of your workers, so they don’t squander your cash or their time.

By bringing the  training directly to your facility, your business will:

-No need to wait  to attend  seminars
-You will not have to pay for travel expenses
-Conserve accommodation and meal expenditures
-Advantage from a customized training curriculum that will fulfill your specific needs
-Learn from one of the best  in Montreal

Your employees will experience a completely distinct, “strain free” approach to SEO, and build real top positioning skills and expertise in a very short period. They’ll learn all the most current internet search engine ways to building actual relevancy for competitive keyword phrases, and find the way to use it directly for your personal website to improve sales.


Our hourly rate is $500 with a minimum 2-hour booking, available within the Montreal Area(If your local is not in the area then we can make arrangements that will need to be discussed).

As a second option, you can take advantage of a reduced day rate of only $2500 for up to 8 hours and consultancy for up to 6 people at your premises.

Quit wasting your money as well as your workers’ time, and bring the SEO course in-house with our Master-level SEO instructor.

To find out more about our SEO courses in  the  Montreal area, contact us today so we can talk.